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Bhoonk Restaurant Inventory Management helps operators automate their workflows to optimize inventory usage, reduce food waste, and improve bottom-line.

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Outlet types

The all-in-one Restaurant Management System for all types of restaurant formats and food outlets

Manage your restaurant inventory from anywhere

A simple 3-click restaurant billing process ensures that even your most untrained staff can start printing bills in no time.

Multiple Outlets, one centralised Software

Have Multiple Restaurant Outlets? Maintain every outlets with a single Software. Get Multiple Organised User Panels.

Reduce food wastage

Tracking food waste is crucial for accurate ordering and forecasting. It provides managers with insights as to where more training might be required

Integrated Food Ordering App for your restaurant

Get an app for your for taking online order or for a take away service. Customers can easily place order by scanning a QR Code and order is easily triggered against the particular table number.

Customers can also opt for Take Away or Delivery Option.

Timer based KOT

No more delay in delivering the order to customer to their table anymore as BHOONK has got a timer based KOT, which automatically gets displayed in the kitchen as soon as the order is punched. Now you can easily check, which order is getting late and immediate action should be taken.

During the rush hours, easily track orders according to the chronology and fulfill the order in the First Come First Serve Basis.

Offer your Customers Digital Food Menu

Forget the old Traditional method of offering menu to your customers. Now ith BHOONK offer your customers a cool digital menu on each table of your restaurant. Generate QR code for every table with our Software and let your customers scan and order their food easily. Its time to save papers and go Digital.

Easy Notification System for Waiters and Chef

Real Time Notification in the Kitchen as soon as an order is placed.The restaurant waiter also gets notified as soon as the order is ready, so that the waiter can collect the order and serve it to the customers.The entire process is happening in the real time, thus automating the entire Order and Delivery System.

Experience an online restaurant yourself. the best can happen!

Enough of talks, lets see what Bhoonk has to offer you in our basket and know why its Bhoonk for your restaurant business and not others.

Bhoonk Billing Software allows your biller to manage high order volumes with ease

Billing Software is really easy to use, allowing you to configure only the features that your biller needs daily. 

Be it a PC, laptop, tablet or touchscreen terminal. Our software is also tested to work accross all latest products out in the market.

You can easily configure and update the different taxes levied at your restaurant as per your services, region of operation or any tax modifications by the government.

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